Stuntman and Stuntactor (BvS)
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Sept. 2013
The Raid "Mad Dog vs Jaka" (remake)
Aug. 2013
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Jul. 2013
Last Day Redemption - Indepedent film
Jun. 2013
Guest of honor at 2. Berliner CSD Gala
Mai. 2013
Underwater Adventure
Apr. 2013
Action-Fighting Philipp Preiss: 4-Season edition
Apr. 2013
Just did a nice "Elemental Shooting" with Thomas Faust
Mar. 2013, 23rd

Philipp Preiss in Vienna/Austria

with german actress and singer Anna Loos and moderator Markus Lanz
Mar. 2013, 23rd

Stuntman in Vienna

Contestant for TV-Show
"Wetten, dass...?"

A must-watch! Stay tuned for insider stuff.
Mar. 2013

German TV-Show coming up next week. Stay tuned.

You get more on wednesday.

Dec. 2012

Philipp Preiss in Peking/China

Participant at Guinnes World Record Show.
Screened on CNTV.
Nov. 2011
Stunts in Milan/Italy
Commercialproduction for Soprema, world leading manufacturer of roofing and waterproofing industry